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Our Story

Back to our Roots

Fuel and co was founded back in late 2019 by our CEO and Founder, Jake Pirotta.

At the time healthy options were very limited, so Jake, who was a seasoned chef, and health and fitness professional in the earlier days of his career was determined to create a brand that offers clean and healthy food options that are tasty and interesting.

Local, fresh and seasonal ingredients were always at the heart of our menu. Fast forward to today, the brand grew beyond our wildest imagination. Today our menu is still true to its roots, however, we have seen it evolve and grow big enough to offer everybody a healthy, tasty meal.


Fresh, Local and Seasonal

As you might already know, Local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients are at the heart of our menu. These very ingredients give our chefs the creativity and inspiration to come up with innovative and interesting meals to keep your mind and body fueled up 365 days a year.

One of our most successful creations so far has to be our wholegrain-activated charcoal protein pizza. To date, we have fueled more than 100,000 bodies with just this particular menu item, and we believe that it's for a good reason.

Firstly if we have a closer look at the ingredients we use in our recipe for the wholegrain-activated charcoal protein pizza you immediately notice how clean this product actually is.

The main ingredients are wholegrain organic flour, activated charcoal, and pea protein isolate. The pea protein helps us keep the product vegan whilst giving us an amazing protein content that is easy to digest.

Because we want you to be in control of what you're putting in your body, we let you build your own pizza and choose your own toppings, this way you can control the number of calories in your meal. 

If you haven't tried it yet, I would suggest closing this tab and ordering one now!

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