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Open Daily for Takeout, Dine-in & Delivery


At Fuel and co, we are dedicated to our unwavering commitment to sourcing fresh, seasonal, and local produce. We understand the importance of supporting local farmers and businesses while providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients. By choosing local and seasonal products, we not only ensure the freshness and flavor of our dishes but also reduce our environmental impact. Our dedication to sourcing locally not only supports the community but also allows us to create ever-changing, exciting menus that celebrate the best of each season.


We uphold strong ethical principles, especially when it comes to diets, health, and nutrition. We believe in providing our customers with choices that promote their well-being and align with their dietary preferences and restrictions. Our menu features a variety of options, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-sugar choices, allowing our patrons to make mindful decisions about their meals. We are committed to transparency in our ingredients and preparation methods, ensuring that our customers can trust in the nutritional integrity of the dishes we serve.

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