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Back to our Roots

Our Protein Pizza

Fuel and Co takes pride in its most celebrated creation, the wholegrain-activated charcoal protein pizza, which has captured the hearts and palates of more than 100,000 satisfied customers. The success of this menu item is a testament to the quality and innovation we bring to the table.

When you delve into the ingredients that make up our wholegrain-activated charcoal protein pizza, you'll quickly realize the exceptional cleanliness of this product. It features wholegrain organic flour, activated charcoal, and pea protein isolate as its main components. The addition of pea protein not only maintains its vegan status but also provides an exceptional protein content that's easily digestible.

At Fuel and Co, we believe in empowering you to make informed choices about your nutrition. That's why we offer the freedom to build your own pizza and select your preferred toppings. This customization allows you to have complete control over the number of calories in your meal. If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this culinary marvel yet, we highly recommend placing an order now and savoring the exceptional flavors and nutrition of our wholegrain-activated charcoal protein pizza.

Fuel and Co, established in late 2019 by our CEO and Founder, Jake Pirotta, has been a beacon of innovation and commitment in the realm of healthy dining. At its inception, the landscape for health-conscious food options was quite limited. Jake, with a background as a seasoned chef and health and fitness professional, was resolute in his mission to create a brand that not only offered clean and healthy food but also made it both delectable and engaging for customers.

From the very beginning, Fuel and Co's menu has been rooted in the values of using local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. These principles have remained at the heart of our culinary philosophy, ensuring that our dishes burst with flavor and nutritional vitality. Today, as we reflect on our journey, the brand has exceeded even our most ambitious expectations. While our menu remains true to its original principles, it has evolved to become vast enough to provide every individual with the opportunity to savor a healthy and delightful meal. The journey of Fuel and Co is a testament to our unwavering dedication to health, taste, and culinary delight.

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